项目品牌: BMW 宝马

项目行业: 汽车及制造

项目日期: 2018-05-03 09:00 2018-05-06 21:00

项目地点: 上海 同济大学嘉定校区

项目名称: BMW在“世界创新创业博览会”的展示

今年5月3日,首届“世界创新创业博览会”在上海同济大学嘉定校区拉开帷幕。作为未来出行领域的创新引领者,宝马集团成为首届“创博会”的创始合作赞助方之一,同来自城市、企业、高校、组织等多方机构的创新者一起,在同济大学嘉定校区举办创新创业主题展览。SMS GROUP 倾力协助宝马打造创新主题展,向公众传递其未来出行的前瞻理念。

In May, the first ‘World Innovation & Entrepreneurship EXPO’ (WIEE) kicked off at the Jiading campus of Tongji University in Shanghai. As an innovation leader in future mobility and one of the founding sponsors of the event, BMW Group took part in the exhibition bringing together thought leaders, educational and municipal institutions alongside innovators from the industries on campus, a platform with international attention. SMS GROUP created an experience and information center with the theme “Looking glass into the future” that allowed BMW to present its forward-looking strategies in mobility and present future technologies to the public.

BMW i8 Pavilion  

展厅内炫酷的沉浸式数字展台,以宝马旗舰车型 - BMW i8混动超跑为中心,向观众展示其未来出行理念——自动化,互联化,电动化和共享化服务化。万花筒般变换的背景空间,以特殊切割多面镜结合LED动态展示,呈现独特的视觉观感,让观众仿佛置身其中,感受未来出行科技的魅力。

Highlight of the pavilion is an immersive digital showcase, bringing guests a notion of future mobility – Autonomous, Connected, Electrified and with Shared Services created around BMW’s flagship hybrid, the i8. The kaleidoscopic experience room, facilitating an installation of specially shaped mirrors working in unison with LED content panels, creates a vortex of images that lets visitors dive right into a feeling of this exciting future.

Information Center 


The information area in a post-modern BMW design allows guests to gather information on BMW’s initiatives in regards to future mobility and learn about BMW as a company and as an employer. Guests can stay juiced and connected - via the provided free charging stations and WiFi in the pavilion - whilst picking up further stories about BMW.

SMS GROUP 很荣幸携手宝马打造此次创新主题展,共鉴未来出行方式。

SMS GROUP was honored to cooperate with BMW Group to bring this innovative exhibition to live.



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