项目品牌: Boucheron 宝诗龙

项目行业: 珠宝钟表

项目日期: 2021-10-28 09:00 2021-10-31 21:00

项目地点: 上海

项目名称: Boucheron世家宝诗龙限时体验空间(上海)

世家宝诗龙 限时体验空间




Boucheron La Maison lanuched at Shanghai on October 22nd.


The space is inspired by the classic Parisian architecture of 26 Place Vendôme, with a new four-fold space, creating an immersive experience across time and space for guests.


「STYLE」, 「INNOVATION」, 「HERITAGE」, 「JARDIN D'HIVER」, four spaces showing the charm of a century-old jewellery brand, at the mean time interactive installation also bring visitors a richer sensory experience.


「STYLE」is like a comfortable fitting room where guests can have interactive experience and feel their unique personal style.

「世家传承」空间宛若一件图书馆,胭脂红的墙面涂饰充满了中国的东方风格,旨在向Salon Chinois致敬。四周更别出心裁的设置数字屏幕,持续播放着世家臻品的视频和图像。

Almost as if one stepping into a library when entering the「HERITAGE」space, oriental style is overwhelm by the red wall paintings, in tribute to Salon Chinois. Videos and photographs of the exhibits projected through LED screen, helping the audenice to experience the charm of the centurial jewellery.


「INNOVATION」features an immersive atmosphere of alternating flowers and blue sky, showing the stunning fine jewelry of Boucheron.


「JARDIN D'HIVER」replicates the winter garden of the House of Boucheron in Paris, ending the dreamy journey in a lush green French style garden.


Boucheron High Jewellery dinner was held recently, with a total of 70 VIP guests were invited to attend the exclusive dinner.




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