【GDX】派拉蒙 超自然活动之家

项目品牌: 待定

项目行业: 娱乐及文化

项目日期: 2020-07-01 09:00 2020-07-01 17:00

项目地点: 线下

项目名称: 【GDX】派拉蒙 超自然活动之家

Paranormal Activity House – Paramount


The Challenge 挑战

Paramount wanted to stage a frightening series of pranks at the original Paranormal Activity featured in the film. Their goal was to create a stream of viral marketing content based around people looking to buy a new home.


The Solution 解决方案

GDX Studios retrofitted the house so as unsuspecting buyers went through chandeliers rattled, the microwave flashed, lights flickered and other paranormal things begin to occur.

An actor, pretending to be a real estate agent, claimed such oddities like, “The previous couple who lived here just decided to up and move suddenly.” These seemingly odd occurrences were perfectly timed and got progressively frightening until the final mirror crack jump scare, which sent guests screaming down the staircase!

The activation was viewed by hundreds of thousands of YouTubers and helped Paranormal Activity crush the box office to earn $78.5 millions dollars.

GDX Studios对房子进行了翻新,以使毫无戒心的买家经历了摇摇欲坠的枝形吊灯,微波炉闪烁,灯光闪烁以及其他超自然现象的发生。

一位假装是房地产经纪人的演员故意提起诡异的话头,例如:“住在这里的前几对夫妇突然决定起来并突然搬家。” 这些看似奇怪的事件被安排得恰到好处,并逐渐变得令人恐惧,直到最后的镜子裂痕引起彻底恐慌,这使客人们尖叫着冲下楼梯!

数十万名YouTuber观看了该激活事件,并帮助《超自然现象活动》(即 鬼影实录)打破了票房,赢得了7850万美元的收入。




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