项目品牌: Nespresso浓遇咖啡

项目行业: 酒精饮品

项目日期: 2018-03-09 10:00 2018-03-09 19:00

项目地点: 上海 八号桥艺术空间-1908粮仓

项目名称: NESPRESSO 探秘咖啡起源





When it comes to the birth place of all coffee, Africa has been home to many legends over time about how it was discovered.

Nespresso @Shanghai 1908 Granary


On March 9th, Nespresso held the launch event of its Limited Edition Capsule - ARABICA ETHIOPIA HARRAR & ROBUSTA UGANDA at 1908 Granary in Shanghai.

Step Into The Mythical Origins of Coffee


Just as a coffee cherry bears two beans, the historical beginnings of coffee has two stories. We went back to the regions where these coffees originated, selecting beans that bring to life where it all started.

好奇的山羊 | The Curious Goats


Picture the ancient western highlands of Ethiopia where Kaldi, a young goat herder found the goats were leaping and dancing around a strange bush bearing red cherries, after he tasted one, he felt so elevated and danced alongside them. Suspicious of the mysterious cherries, a monk made a fire to burn them, but delicious aromas from the coffee started to rise...

情感的凝聚 | The Unity Bond


In ancient Uganda, under the stars, two families would gather around a fire. A single, mighty Robusta coffee cherry would be split in half and someone from each family would eat one of the two beans inside, part of a sacred family ritual, they would be bonded together in loyalty and friendship...

A taste of where it all began

伴随着舞蹈的结束,Nespresso全新限量版胶囊正式揭晓,与其一并问世的还有全新Nespresso Expert咖啡机。现场弥漫着咖啡的香气,来宾身处浓浓的非洲风情,品鉴全新的两款咖啡。

Nespresso Limited Edition Capsule and Nespresso Expert coffee machine officially debuted where guests were able to enjoy the special coffee aroma with true and authentic taste esspresso.

Experience Africa


The African Drum and Painting sessions enhanced guests appreciation to the unique culture of Ethiopia and Uganda .


Nespresso once again demostrate its expertise and the spirit of innovation and exploration. APAX is look forward to Nespresso continue bring forth new ideas.




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