【GDX】NYCC - 自由

项目品牌: 待定

项目行业: 娱乐及文化

项目日期: 2020-07-09 09:00 2020-07-09 18:00

项目地点: 美国

项目名称: 【GDX】NYCC - 自由

NYCC – Freeform 

NYCC -- 自由

The Challenge 挑战

How could Freeform break from the New York Comic-Con mold and promote four different shows at high traffic offsite location space?


The Solution  解决方案

Grandesign was live with Freeform at New York Comic-Con with four activations over the course of four days. The promoted shows were part of Freeform’s fall line-up: Shadowhunters, Beyond, Siren and Cloak and Dagger. All the action took place across the street from the Javits Center. Thousands of people experienced the fun as they made their way to and from the Convention Center.

Grandesign和Freeform一起在纽约动漫展上进行了四天的活动。这些宣传秀是Freeform秋季系列的一部分:Shadowhunters, Beyond, Siren, Cloak and Dagger。所有的动作都发生在Javits中心对面的街道上。成千上万的人在往返于会议中心的途中体验了这种乐趣。  





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