项目品牌: POLA

项目行业: 护肤

项目日期: 2018-11-07 15:00 2018-11-07 21:00

项目地点: 香港 太古坊ArtisTree

项目名称: POLA ART GALLERY - POLA产品香港发布会

11月7日,日本化妆品牌POLA产品发布会在香港太古坊ArtisTree举办,发布旗下全新POLA B.A 重塑紧致眼霜。

On November 7, Japanese Skincare & Cosmetics company POLA launched its new POLA B.A EYE ZONE CREAM in Hong Kong’s Taikoo ArtisTree.


Inspired by the POLA Art Museum in Hakone, Japan, which is showcasing exceptional art pieces based on motives of natural beauty, we unprecedentedly turned the launch event into the ‘POLA Art Gallery’, creating a walk-through experience of floral art in light and shadows. Guests could freely explore and ponder the concepts of inner and outer beauty.


Featuring work of the world-renowned Japanese floral artist Azuma Makoto, the exhibition perfectly showcased true beauty coming from healthy inner power. Etherial 3.5-meter high giant projections on floating gauzes created an artistic experience and the stunning visuals immersed guests in a magical world of blooming flowers.


Featured within the art installation, a tailor-made exhibit created from the newly launched product - the B.A Eye Zone Cream - was displayed for guests to explore. It also informed guests about the first cooperation POLA set up with the Orbis charity program.

在「Science. Art. Love. 美肌体验专区」,B.A系列产品及品牌历史精致呈现,嘉宾们可以试用全新产品并拍照分享。

In the ‘Science. Art. Love. Area’, the POLA B.A family product line was creatively displayed alongside information about the history of the brand, allowing guests to take photos to share whilst trying the new products.

当天,著名艺人郑秀文受邀出席现场,与众多嘉宾共同见证POLA B.A重塑紧致眼霜精彩发布,分享自己对美丽和艺术的追求。

On the day of the event, famous artist Sammi Cheng was invited to attend and witness the stunning launch of the POLA B.A EYE ZONE CREAM. She shared her thoughts on the impact of beauty and art with the audiences.

SMS GROUP很荣幸与POLA合作打造香港发布会,透过优雅迷人的品牌体验,为公众呈现POLA美学。

SMS GROUP was supporting POLA in this alluring and graceful experiential launch bringing the spirit of beauty to Hong Kong.




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