项目品牌: 东风日产

项目行业: 汽车及制造

项目日期: 2023-04-18 09:00 2023-04-27 17:00

项目地点: 上海 国家会展中心

项目名称: UNIPLAN的【上海车展】


After two years of absence, the 2023 Shanghai Autoshow is a highly anticipated affair. In this edition, Uniplan is proud to join hands with Nissan, Dongfeng Citroen, Dongfeng Peugeot and Autoliv to present a refreshing brand experience at Auto Shanghai 2023.

日产 Nissan

7.2H 7B01


The Uniplan team is responsible for Nissan's on-booth interactive experience and operations. Meanwhile, our creative team has also produced a series of teaser videos for the brand’s futuristic new car the Arizon. We’d like to welcome you to visit the Nissan booth and experience its AR activities, feel the brand's vision of future intelligent mobility, and at the same time, interact to win points and exchange them for gifts.

东风雪铁龙 Citroen

7.2H 7B08


At the Citroën booth, our team is in charge of design, production and construction, creating innovative experiences to wow audiences at the Shanghai Auto Show.

东风标致 Peugeot

7.2H 7B12


Dongfeng Peugeot reveals its new concept car the INCEPTION in Shanghai for its Asian premiere. From design to production and construction, the Uniplan team created an immersive brand experience at the booth, which will surely surprise you.

奥托立夫 Autoliv

2.2H 2BD003

此次,优尼负责了奥托立夫展台的设计、制作、搭建及运营。作为全球汽车安全系统生产商,今年展台设计围绕Safety Park的新理念,传递前沿性安全解决方案,展示多样化出行主题,拥抱出行安全新时代。

The Uniplan team is responsible for the design, production, construction and operations of the Autoliv booth. As a global manufacturer of automotive safety systems, Autoliv presents an architectural gesture designed around the new concept of Safety Park, delivering cutting-edge safety solutions and showcasing diverse themes this year, aiming to embrace a new era of safe mobility.




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