【GDX】Aerie 放松 玩乐 勇敢爱

项目品牌: 待定

项目行业: 快速消费品

项目日期: 2020-07-03 09:00 2020-07-03 18:00

项目地点: 线下

项目名称: 【GDX】Aerie 放松 玩乐 勇敢爱

Aerie – Chill.Play.Love. 


The Challenge 挑战

Aerie, owned and operated by American Eagle, wanted to inspire women across the country to feel their best – no touch ups required. They tasked GDX with creating a multi city “Chill. Play. Love” that included yoga, exercise classes, pop up shop, smoothie bar, celebrity appearances and more.  

由美国之鹰(American Eagle)拥有和经营的Aerie,希望鼓励全国各地的女性感受最佳状态——无需化妆。他们希望GDX在全美国各地举办 “放松、玩乐、勇敢爱”的体验营销项目,其中包括瑜伽,健身课程,弹出式商店,冰沙吧,名人露面等等。  

The Solution 解决方案

Aerie traveled to Toronto, Chicago, Houston and Boston over a span of four weeks to promote Chill. Play. To the goal of the tour was to inspire men and women to feel good inside and out complementing their #AerieREAL campaign which uses non digitally edited models.  


At each stop, Iskra Lawrence, Aerie’s original #AerieREAL model stopped by to meet and interact with fans. Additionally, yoga and exercise classes were taught by Aerie employees. After class, fans could wind down with a homemade smoothie and shop for new clothing.  

在每一站,Aerie的代言人——#AerieREAL广告模特——Iskra Lawrence 都会停下来与粉丝见面并互动。此外,Aerie员工还开设了瑜伽和健身班。下课后,粉丝们可以喝一杯自制的健康奶昔,然后购买新衣服。 





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