【GDX】Freeform 25天的圣诞节

项目品牌: 待定

项目行业: 传媒及媒体

项目日期: 2020-07-13 09:00 2020-07-13 18:00

项目地点: 美国

项目名称: 【GDX】Freeform 25天的圣诞节

Freeform 25 Days of Christmas

Freeform 25天的圣诞节

The Challenge 挑战

As part of their 25 Days of Christmas campaign, Freeform wanted to surprise one family, whose home was lost in a natural disaster, a tiny home inside of a giant Christmas package.

作为 “25天圣诞节” 活动的一部分,Freeform(迪士尼旗下有线电视网)希望给一户因自然灾害而失去住房的家庭一个大惊喜 —— 一所巨大的圣诞节包装内的小房子。  

The Solution 解决方案

The interactive set was constructed at Oculus Plaza (One World Trade Center) and GDX was responsible for scouting and securing the location, hiring the talent and creating all production assets.
互动装置是在Oculus Plaza(世界贸易中心一号楼)上建造的,GDX负责寻找并保护地点,雇用工人并建造了整所房子。 
The reveal of this set was broadcasted live on Good Morning America and launched a national sweepstakes. Families who lost their home in a natural disaster could apply to win. Right before Christmas, Freeform gifted a family in California who lost their home in a forest fire.





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