Nespresso 羊城米其林摘星夜

项目品牌: Nespresso浓遇咖啡

项目行业: 餐饮饮料

项目日期: 2018-06-28 10:00 2018-06-28 16:00

项目地点: 广州

项目名称: Nespresso 羊城米其林摘星夜

Nespresso 羊城米其林摘星夜



6 月 28 日,在米其林指南落户中国第三年,上海之外的第二本《米其林指南 2018 广州》在翘首以盼中发布揭晓。

Following on from Shanghai last year, Michelin continues its development in mainland China. Michelin Guide to Guangzhou, China 2018 was released on 28th of June.

作为米其林指南长期的官方合作伙伴,Nespresso 在发布会现场供应意式浓缩汤力水和晚宴前特别调制的咖啡特饮。Nespresso 稀世臻选系列咖啡在当天晚宴上作为餐后饮品,丰富来宾们味蕾的层次体验。

As official partner of Michelin Guide, bespoke refreshing drinks Nespresso Iced Tonic and Nespresso Iced Treasure, were made by the baristas at the press conference. Nespresso Exclusive Selection was served during the gala dinner to enhance the dining experience.


Sixty-three of the city’s finest establishments made it into the Michelin guide to showcase Guangzhou’s rising restaurant scene and high culinary standards. The Michelin Guide Guangzhou 2018 saw eight restaurants obtain the one-star distinction. This edition also featuresd 20 establishments with the Bib Gourmand distinction which recognizes restaurants which serve high-quality food at affordable prices. In addition, 35 restaurants were awarded with a Michelin Plate which recognises good cooking and fresh ingredients capably prepared, an indication of a good meal.

APAX 很高兴见证 Nespresso 携手米其林指南与全球饕客一起体验美食美酒好咖啡。

APAX is delighted to join Nespresso and Michelin Guide to share the best food and beverage experience with culinary lovers all around the world.




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